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  • Making and Unmaking in Earl... Making and Unmaking in Early Modern English Drama : Spectators, Aesthetics and Incompletion
    Porter, Chloe 01/2014
    Odprti dostop

    Exploring the significance of visual things that are 'under construction' in works by playwrights. Illustrated with examples, it opens up new interpretations of the place of aesthetic form in the ...

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  • French origins of English t... French origins of English tragedy
    Richard Hillman 07/2013

    Richard Hillman applies to tragic patterns and practices in early modern England his long-standing critical preoccupation with English-French cultural connections in the period. With primary, though ...

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  • Debating with the Eumenides Debating with the Eumenides
    Liapis, Vayos; Petrides, Antonis; Pavlou, Maria 2017, 2018-07-27

    Modern Greek national and cultural identities consist, to a considerable extent, of clusters of cultural memory, shaped by an ongoing dialogue with the classical past. Within this dialogue between ...

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  • Sacred Players Sacred Players
    Heather Hill-Vásquez 02/2011

    Offering a unique historical perspective to the study of medieval English drama, Heather Hill-Vásquez in Sacred Players argues that different treatments of audience and performance in the early drama ...

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  • This is my body This is my body
    Kobialka, Michal Andrzej This Is My Body, 1999., 20091222, 1999, 2003, 20030701
    eBook, Book, Book Chapter
    Odprti dostop

    The recipient of the annual Award for Outstanding Book in Theatre Practice and Pedagogy from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, This Is My Body realigns representational practices in ...

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  • Treason by Words Treason by Words
    Lemon, Rebecca 05/2006
    eBook, Book

    Under the Tudor monarchy, English law expanded to include the category of "treason by words." Rebecca Lemon investigates this remarkable phrase both as a legal charge and as a cultural event. English ...

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  • The Politics of Adaptation The Politics of Adaptation
    Van Weyenberg, Astrid 2013, 2013-01-01, Letnik: 165

    This book explores contemporary African adaptations of classical Greek tragedies. Six South African and Nigerian dramatic texts - by Yael Farber, Mark Fleishman, Athol Fugard, Femi Osofisan, and Wole ...

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  • Menander in Antiquity Menander in Antiquity
    Nervegna, Sebastiana 04/2013

    The comic playwright Menander was one of the most popular writers throughout antiquity. This book reconstructs his life and the legacy of his work until the end of antiquity employing a broad range ...

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