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  • Seoul Flâneur? Breathless a...
    Choi, Jinhee

    Journal of Japanese & Korean cinema, 20/1/2/, Letnik: 7, Številka: 1
    Journal Article

    This article tests out the feasibility of identifying the 'flâneur' as a mode of observation or being, in contemporary South Korean cinema and explores the extent to which the flâneur may illuminate the relationships forged between characters and the urban space of Seoul in the two films: Breathless (Ddongpari, Yang Ik-june, 2008) and Café Noir (Kape neuwareu, Jeong Seong-il, 2009). The two 'romantic' couples in these films walk the streets of Seoul, only to discover their inherent inability to socially integrate and fulfil romantic desire. I pay particular attention to the presentation of two locations - the streets of the tourist district Insadong in the former, and the newly renovated and gentrified Cheonggyecheon stream area in the latter - and examine how neither 'traditional' nor modern spaces allow for emotional satisfaction for the protagonists.